Foxy Shazam “Likes It”; Hey Rim Jeon Plays It

It seems the music industry — charts and award shows anyway — are too focused these days on Adele, her majesty’s clones, auto-tuned hip hoppers and tween artists that appeal to the Twilight generation. Frankly, it all kind of sucks. I mean Adele is unquestionably amazing, but what ever happened to good old fashioned rock ..

Mutemath Perform and Discuss “Blood Pressure”

Two hours before they’d take the stage for a performance that sold-out in five minutes and two days before Hurricane Irene would sort of embarrass a somewhat frantic Mayor Mike Bloomberg, New Orleans rockers Mutemath and I took refuge in the lower depths of the historic rock venue Mercury Lounge in New York City. There, ..

HP: AFI’s Davey Havok Weighs In on Rock Band, Surviving Catholic School, and Crash Love

Contrary to the guyliner and oft-black or goth-esque tight outfits, AFI shouldn’t be restricted to the Hot Topic shelves and “Twilight” circuit. The alt-rockers have been together for a staggering 18 years, and their last effort — 2006’s “Decemberunderground” — broke through to mainstream and became their biggest hit to date. Singles “Miss Murder” and ..

True Blood’s Jace Everett: thecheappop interview

By Jon Chattman Jace Everett, the singer/songwriter for True Blood’s theme song “Bad Things,” doesn’t suck and that’s a vampire reference. The musician, whose third album “Red Revelations” drops soon, discussed the show, the theme song (which was actually released in 2005), and other bloody good things – and yes that’s another lame vampire reference. ..

Twilight star Kristen Stewart at Sundance; Adventureland begins

“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart is surrounded by fans and photographers as she walks the streets of Park City, Utah to promote “Adventureland.” In between pics of Kristen is Greg Mottola – the film’s director AKA “Superbad” director AKA Man behind the lens of “Arrested Development.” I want that movie to be a reality dammit! Nevernudes ..