‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ The Royal Concept!

For the better part of three decades, the Swedish music scene was generally represented by the schmaltz of ABBA, the four-hit-wonder appeal of Ace of Base, and the incomprehensible ramblings of The Swedish Chef. But, something happened a few years ago. Indie pop rock acts like Peter Bjorn & John and Lykki Li broke through ..

Foxy Shazam “Likes It”; Hey Rim Jeon Plays It

It seems the music industry — charts and award shows anyway — are too focused these days on Adele, her majesty’s clones, auto-tuned hip hoppers and tween artists that appeal to the Twilight generation. Frankly, it all kind of sucks. I mean Adele is unquestionably amazing, but what ever happened to good old fashioned rock ..

The Dark Night: Danger Mouse Talks New Album

While his new album features: The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, Iggy Pop, The Flaming Lips and filmmaker David Lynch, Danger Mouse wants people to know “Dark Night of the Soul” wasn’t simply thrown together to “compile names of all stars.” On the contrary, the project is a deeply personal project — “a very intimate thing” — ..