“All” In on Lucy Scholl; “Crash” into Shayna Leigh

In 1985, Annie Lennox/The Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin teamed up for the ultra-cheesy single “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves.” It was meant to be an anthem for all women, and probably was, but look back now, and you’ll laugh. OK, perhaps only if you watch the music video that accompanied it. In any event, ..

It’s “Free to Love” Singer/Songwriter LP

Listen to mainstream radio, and you’ll find it difficult to tell one artist from the other. New hooks are old hooks. Recycled is the new original. Sure, that’s not always the case and I can list dozens upon dozens of examples of how those opening sentences are off base, but why spoil a good opening ..

The Rubens Taking Off Like a Bullet ; Terraplane Sun Shines On

In 2000, I shared a Reuben sandwich with wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage. That story is very true and spectacular, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this post. (Feel free to message me if you want the full story…Cue the sound of crickets.) Anyway, let’s discuss Australian rock quartet The Rubens, who ..

Hearing The Deafening and Orange You Glad I Said XNY?

If summer were a person, I’d pick it up from the ground, dust it off, and cradle it with both of my hands. Then, I’d gently stroke its cheek, and take a page from Rocky V by saying “Get up you son of a bitch ’cause Mickey loves you.” But, summer isn’t a person, I’m ..

Igniting Blondfire; Joshua Radin’s “Wings” Take Flight

Blondfire’s new alt-rock single “Waves” sounds like something Olivia Newton John would be singing in the 1980s, and a song I’d be pumping through my Walkman back in the day at Jones Beach. It’s that retro cool. Putting out dreamy, catchy alt-rock is something we’ve come to expect from the California band. Their previous single ..

Listen to Courtney Jaye and Bonzie Now; Thank Me Later

Several things in life are obvious. Dick Butkis will never grace the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover. The Ropers will never use Facebook, and Dido will never invite me over for breakfast. These are just facts – plain and simple, and with this post, I add another to my growing list of truths: you’re going ..

A-Sides Interview: Andrew Keenan-Bolger Talks “Newsies”

It’s fitting that Broadway star Andrew Keenan-Bolger is appearing in an Alan Menken-penned musical on Broadway. Much like the famed and multi-award winning composer (“Tangled,” “The Little Mermaid” – the list goes on), Keenan-Bolger is finding himself in the good graces of Disney. Prior to taking on the role of Crutchie in Disney’s “Newsies: The ..