Motopony Rides and TAB the Band says “I Love You”

The Seattle music scene isn’t what it was in the 1990s. Ask any member of Motopony, the Emerald City-based rocking, pop-ing folkish band, and they’ll tell you the scene has gone from grunge and plaid shirts to a folk and even hip hop social scene. In the Cornerstone offices in New York City, the quintet ..

The Gift in a NYC Bathroom and Graffiti6 Gets Solo and Stripped Down

You can accomplish a lot in a bathroom. Aside from doing your business, you can read an article, perhaps text your friends, or do as I do: play Angry Birds on your iPad. OK, that’s T.M.I. and gross, but it brings us to our next “A-Sides” session. Nuno Goncalves of the Portugal psych pop band ..

OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder Making “All the Right Moves”

OneRepublic frontman and songwriter Ryan Tedder has consciously followed the band’s mega-hit record with a new sounding record that is more true to their self-perception as a band but may very well be everything that album’s standout hit “Apologize” is not. That, as Al Franken may have said as Stuart Smalley, is “O-K.” Tedder’s a ..

thecheappop in Jersey

The “pop” stopped in Red Bank, NJ and around the Garden State. Stay tuned for some highlights from the trip

HP: John Oates Interview

With sincere apologies to Simon & Garfunkel and to a far lesser degree Cagney & Lacey, Hall & Oates are the biggest duo of all time. The legendary musicians have a staggering arsenal of hits – from “Maneater” to “Private Eyes,” and have survived the 1980s virtually unscathed with the exception an occasional “Saturday Night ..

Anna Rose: interview

By Jon Chattman According to Wikipedia, Nomads are people “who let pasture herds.” It’s also the title of Anna Rose’s forthcoming debut album – well Nomad anyway – due in 2010. Shit intro aside, this singer/songwriter (she also plays piano and guitar) is an impressive musician ready to burst onto the scene. I interviewed her ..

Miss Derringer’s Morgan Slade: interview

By Jon Chattman Marriage is hard enough as it is while living at home domestically – imagine what it must be for couple Elizabeth McGrath and Morgan Slade, who tour together as Miss Derringer. The LA-based rock band, which also includes Sylvain de Muizon on bass, Cody James on drums, and Ben Shields on lead ..

HuffPost: Nick Carter talks Backstreet

Call them bubblegum. Call them a boy band. Call them, well seeing as how they’re much older than any Jonas, Backstreet Men. It doesn’t matter to Nick Carter so long as people keep listening to their unapologetic dance pop music and buying their records. “Words can’t describe the way I feel,” the Backstreet Boy said ..