Farewell and Goodnight, Roseland Ballroom

“Standing in line to See the show tonight And there’s a light on Heavy glow” – RHCP Waiting on a line that wrapped around two or sometimes three blocks – often times – getting soaked by a cold and misty rain. Approaching the marquee, and having chills give way to adrenaline pumping. Getting patted down ..

Everest Climbing and Danny Chait Rising

Being released from their record deal felt so freeing for the band Everest that their latest album in many ways felt like the very first time. No need to cue Foreigner. That’s just what the band conveyed to me during an A-Sides session filmed at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, NY earlier ..

Talking “fun.” and “We Are Young” in NYC

“Do you wanna have fun? How’s about (fun) a few laughs? I can show you a… good time… Do you wanna have fun… fun… fun?” I realize quoting “Big Spender” lyrics from Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields’ Sweet Charity musical won’t earn me any sweet indie cred, but I went there anyway. Why? Because it ..

The Kooks’ Show Us Their “Junk”

My wife isn’t exactly a fan of a lot of new music. She gets a little sick of hearing me talk up the latest, greatest artist I’m listening to, and tends to play the same songs in her car over and over again. Yet, something broke through to her usual playlist of Bob Marley, Coldplay ..

Motopony Rides and TAB the Band says “I Love You”

The Seattle music scene isn’t what it was in the 1990s. Ask any member of Motopony, the Emerald City-based rocking, pop-ing folkish band, and they’ll tell you the scene has gone from grunge and plaid shirts to a folk and even hip hop social scene. In the Cornerstone offices in New York City, the quintet ..

The Gift in a NYC Bathroom and Graffiti6 Gets Solo and Stripped Down

You can accomplish a lot in a bathroom. Aside from doing your business, you can read an article, perhaps text your friends, or do as I do: play Angry Birds on your iPad. OK, that’s T.M.I. and gross, but it brings us to our next “A-Sides” session. Nuno Goncalves of the Portugal psych pop band ..

Rachael Yamagata, Madi Diaz

The best singer/songwriters make you feel their music no matter what the tone of the song is and the lyrics are. In other words, you feel the words pouring out of them whether you can relate or not. This week’s “A-Sides” performers are guilty of that for sure. With her distinct raspy-ish voice and sometimes ..

Zee Avi and Hindi Zahra Perform and Chat in NYC

There’s a certain throwback feel going on with this week’s “A-Sides.” Zee Avi is a celebrated singer/songwriter from Malaysia who packs an emotional wallop with her retro cool indie-rock folkiness (making that a word, by the way). Meanwhile, Moroccan-born songstress Hindi Zahra is a buzzworthy artist who has been called a modern day Billie Holiday ..

Never Shout Never, J. Aims, and An Horse

Music can heal. It can inspire you, turn you on, and/or serve up instant nostalgia like nothing else can. I know constantly listening to Radiohead got me through some deep family issues last year. Listening to Weezer’s “blue” album, on the flipside, evokes my late great friend Stephen Spruck’s memory, because he turned me onto ..

Reigning MEN: Le Tigre’s Samson Talks “Body,” Band, and No Boundaries

Dance. Think. Rock out. Rinse. Repeat. Le Tigre have followed that formula for over a decade with their signature electro-punk dance grooves and outspoken lyrics. The band is very much still together (their exploits are in a recent documentary that hits DVD shelves soon), but that hasn’t stopped mix-master members JD Samson and Johanna Fateman ..