Talking “fun.” and “We Are Young” in NYC

“Do you wanna have fun? How’s about (fun) a few laughs? I can show you a… good time… Do you wanna have fun… fun… fun?” I realize quoting “Big Spender” lyrics from Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields’ Sweet Charity musical won’t earn me any sweet indie cred, but I went there anyway. Why? Because it ..

Motopony Rides and TAB the Band says “I Love You”

The Seattle music scene isn’t what it was in the 1990s. Ask any member of Motopony, the Emerald City-based rocking, pop-ing folkish band, and they’ll tell you the scene has gone from grunge and plaid shirts to a folk and even hip hop social scene. In the Cornerstone offices in New York City, the quintet ..

The Gift in a NYC Bathroom and Graffiti6 Gets Solo and Stripped Down

You can accomplish a lot in a bathroom. Aside from doing your business, you can read an article, perhaps text your friends, or do as I do: play Angry Birds on your iPad. OK, that’s T.M.I. and gross, but it brings us to our next “A-Sides” session. Nuno Goncalves of the Portugal psych pop band ..

Mutemath Perform and Discuss “Blood Pressure”

Two hours before they’d take the stage for a performance that sold-out in five minutes and two days before Hurricane Irene would sort of embarrass a somewhat frantic Mayor Mike Bloomberg, New Orleans rockers Mutemath and I took refuge in the lower depths of the historic rock venue Mercury Lounge in New York City. There, ..

Diamond Rings Gives It Up

Diamonds are forever, and Canadian musician Diamond Rings is hoping his career lasts, well, for a very long time. Apologies for the crappy introductory sentence, but it makes sense when you chat with the artist who could be pegged as a cross between David Bowie and Lady Gaga. A few hours before his final tour ..

Pretzel Logic: David Burke’s Townhouse Takes the Cake

This year or last, many journalists compiled their “Best of the Decade” stories focused on all walks of pop and everyday life. Many weighed in on topics ranging from top films to best getaways to biggest headlines. Everything from Frodo’s quest for a golden wedding band to Michael Jackson’s baby dangling and tragic death were ..

The Dark Night: Danger Mouse Talks New Album

While his new album features: The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, Iggy Pop, The Flaming Lips and filmmaker David Lynch, Danger Mouse wants people to know “Dark Night of the Soul” wasn’t simply thrown together to “compile names of all stars.” On the contrary, the project is a deeply personal project — “a very intimate thing” — ..

Riding Taylor Hawkins’ Coattails

Fret not Foo fans, Taylor Hawkins isn’t quiting his day job. The drummer is on hiatus from touring with the Foo Fighters, but that hasn’t stopped him from hitting the road with his own band, Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders. Hawkins provides lead vocals, pens lyrics, and – naturally – plays drums for the ..

Jupiter One lifting off

Jupiter One is on the rise. This New York City indie rock band whose new album, “Sunshower,” was just released, is currently supporting Regina Spektor on her latest tour. The band will take a break from that, however, on Sunday, with an 8 p.m. show at Cousin Larry’s Cafe in Danbury. Since their formation in ..

Calexico’s Joey Burns: interview

By Jon Chattman “We’re very adaptable,” Joey Burns said of his musically diverse band Calexico. That’s why you’ll often hear the band collaborating with an eclectic mix of musicians from Iron & Wine to Nancy Sinatra. “We love being in the hot seat and a lot of times.” Elaborating on that, he said, “It never ..