It “Never Gets Old” with Penguin Prison; “Something Good” with Dead Sara

Penguin Prison – photo by Apologies to Bartholomew Cubbins (just Google it), Pengiun Prison may have you beat by the amount of hats he wears. Born Christopher Glover, the New York-based musician has done it from singing to songwriting to producing to DJing. On May 5, he’ll drop his second album Lost In New ..

In-flight Safety Guaranteed; A Dash of Eric Dash

It’s bound to happen. Anytime I have an article that deals with Canada, I’m going to mention the importance of the great Rick Moranis. The star of so many 1980s classics gave up acting years ago, but it’s always a good opportunity to praise his work any time I speak of our lovely neighbors to ..

The “Heart & Soul” of Twin Atlantic

If you have a short attention span when it comes to pop culture news, you probably think Justin Bieber got arrested at Brad Pitt’s wedding while simultaneously posting naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence on the Internet. If you’re alt-rock and music knowledge and taste last longer, however, you know Twin Atlantic is gaining more and ..

Deconstructing Robin Williams and Losing an Integral Family Member

Like so many of us, I’m still reeling from Robin Williams’ death. Like so many of us, when the news first broke, I was shell-shocked and prayed it was another Internet rumor. When his passing was confirmed, I felt so overcome with emotion that it felt as if I just lost a family member. On ..


We love seeing @asidesmusic rocking so many great Threadless tees! — Threadless (@threadless) July 1, 2014

A-Sides “A-Side” – Stay Classy, Sandman

Photo/Omar Vega Every year since he became the New York Yankees closer, I’ve been rooting against Mariano Rivera. As much as I respected the baseball legend, I always wanted him to blow a save because, well, I’m not a Yankee fan. He was just always too good, and I wanted him to slip up just ..

A-Sides Turns 2 with American Authors and MORE!

Hot off the presses, and by presses, I mean the WordPress… Jon Chattman and his A-Sides Music brand ( are holding its second anniversary concert at Garcia’s within The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester NY on Saturday, Oct. 26. The event, which presents indie, pop and alt-rock as featured on Chattman’s popular A-Sides music sessions, ..