Free Love: “A-Sides” Interview with Queen Courtney On New Music, Her Autobiography, A Reality TV Show, and Jay-Z Covering Nirvana?

“The whole year, I’ve stayed controversy free,” Courtney Love tongue-in-cheekily boasted during a phone interview Tuesday. The alt-rock goddess measured this, she explained, by the amount of lawsuits she’s currently involved in. “I have none on my plate, and I plan on it remaining that way,” she said, before cracking, “I’d love to be the ..

Tres! American Authors, Hunter Valentine, and Clementine & The Galaxy

Today marks my final “A-Sides” of the year, and I have to just thank you all for reading the columns and watching the sessions. This series has been so inspiring for me, and so very rewarding. I’m just an honest guy just trying to provide a forum for artists to shine as themselves rather than ..

Foxy Shazam “Likes It”; Hey Rim Jeon Plays It

It seems the music industry — charts and award shows anyway — are too focused these days on Adele, her majesty’s clones, auto-tuned hip hoppers and tween artists that appeal to the Twilight generation. Frankly, it all kind of sucks. I mean Adele is unquestionably amazing, but what ever happened to good old fashioned rock ..

Nico Vega interview

While Courtney Love continues to struggle with putting out a new album and her sanity, the world has been on the look out for over a decade for a new rock goddess. That title is still up for grabs, but if L.A.-based Nico Vega keeps it up, it won’t for long. Like Brody Dalle, who ..

Loni Love: thecheappop interview

By Jon Chattman Loni Love is everywhere – on TV anyway. The E! Entertainment Television host (Wildest TV Show Moments, Most Outrageous Moments) is seen doing that as well as her stand-up, and guesting on Chelsea Lately. I spoke to the Detroit native recently, and became an instant fan