Hedley ‘Kisses’, ‘TAUK’ Talks and Getting Tuff (Sunshine)

The summer is officially in our rear view. It’s October now, and the fall is about to show itself well beyond the release of pumpkin spice lattes. While the weather begins to cool and leaves fall to the ground, I can take some solace in really good music that makes me feel all warm and ..

The Bandana Splits and Mira Black

Listening to the Brooklyn trio The Bandana Splits and the Canadian singer/songwriter Mira Black one can’t help but feel as if they’ve been trusted into a time warp – “Lost” style. The Splits have revived the doo-wop feel with their debut “Mister Sam Presents The Bandana Splits,” while Mira Black has draw comparisons to Barbara ..

Reigning MEN: Le Tigre’s Samson Talks “Body,” Band, and No Boundaries

Dance. Think. Rock out. Rinse. Repeat. Le Tigre have followed that formula for over a decade with their signature electro-punk dance grooves and outspoken lyrics. The band is very much still together (their exploits are in a recent documentary that hits DVD shelves soon), but that hasn’t stopped mix-master members JD Samson and Johanna Fateman ..

Deluka Makes Pretty Music Out of Pretty Woman

It would be cool enough for Deluka to simply look good and sound awesome, which on both fronts they do, but the fact they’ve based their band name on Kit De Luca, AKA Julia Roberts’ hooker best friend in Pretty Woman — well, that just about aces it. (Off topic — “Cinder-fn-Rella” would work for ..

Ill Bill: thecheappop.com interview

Nell Alk interviews Ill Bill Ill Bill Lets Loose in the City that Never Sleeps By Nell Alk Brooklyn born and bred hip-hop artist Ill Bill recently played late night in New York at the centrally located B.B. King’s. And by “late night” I mean he didn’t take the stage until well past the witching ..