“Come” and Go with KONGOS; Soak in the Sun With Freedom Fry

Growing up an avid World Wrestling Federation (WWF then, WWE now) fan, I always loved the various entrance music each grappler would enter the ring to. Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ theme had sort of a Miami Vice thing going on- after all keyboards were king in the 1980s. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat’s music was even ..

Igniting Blondfire; Joshua Radin’s “Wings” Take Flight

Blondfire’s new alt-rock single “Waves” sounds like something Olivia Newton John would be singing in the 1980s, and a song I’d be pumping through my Walkman back in the day at Jones Beach. It’s that retro cool. Putting out dreamy, catchy alt-rock is something we’ve come to expect from the California band. Their previous single ..

A-Sides Music: Top 52 Songs of 2012 (Call Me Maybe…Not)

“Look at the birds up in the tree.” “We’re not birds, we’re a jug band.” – Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas That immortal exchange between a bear puppet and a band of otters (one at least) from the 1979 iconic Christmas special have nothing to do with this column but needed to be said somewhere, somehow. ..

A-Sides Interview: Cool ‘Kids’ Blondfire Set to Make ‘Waves’

Photo/Describe the Fawna My sister and I thought we were pretty creative as kids. We always loved to draw characters we respectively created together, and filmed satirical videos on our extremely large camcorder (it was seriously the size of Minnesota compared to today’s HDs). We’d also put on shows for our family starring our respective ..