Exclusive Performance: The Jezabels

The Jezabels are only a band who put out one of the best albums in 2012 so far. Below is their exclusive “A-Sides” performance of “Sahara Mahala” off their last EP. Get their new album “Prisoners” now, and thank me later. Oh, and be on the look out for the full Jezabels session soon on ..

Get ‘Close’ With Butch Walker and Do “Cocaine” With DAMNDOGS

Does anyone remember that old skit on In Living Color about the Jamaican family whose members continually try to one-up each other by namedropping how many jobs they have? Of course you do. Well, Butch Walker would fit in that fictional family quite well dreads or no dreads. Walker is a sought-after music producer, whose ..

Air Supply in NYC

“Making Love Out of Nothing At All.” “Lost in Love.” “All Out Of Love.” Any of those titles could be used for the next Kim Kardashian reality series, but I kid…I kid! Just about everyone – especially anyone who owned a radio in the late 1970s and essentially the entire 1980s – know those are ..

Lenka: thecheappop.com interview

Lenka: Come inside, “The Show’s” about to start By Jon Chattman There’s got to be something in the water in Australia. For whatever reason, a new star seems to be born from that country each year. Yesterday’s Nicole Kidman is today’s Naomi Watts. OK, that analogy doesn’t exactly make sense but let’s face it, we’ve ..

Best Mustache Ever with pop singer Lenka

Stay tuned for my interview with the Aussie currently heating up the charts with “The Show.” For now, settle for a Best. Mustache. Ever. “Hmmm….How about Errol Flynn? I like those 1920’s mustaches. He’s a very early male sex symbol and I really like dig the pencil-thin mustache.&#8221