Capitol Theater Turns Back Time with Jessie’s Girl, Etc.

How fitting it was that The Capitol Theatre chose Friday the 13th as the night to unleash its “Turn Back the Cap – 1980s” show. All night long, music from that beloved Jason Voorhees decade flowed like teen blood at Camp Crystal Lake courtesy of killer cover band Jessie’s Girl, who rocked our socks (and ..

Tegan, Sara, and Snow Arrive in Port Chester 12.14

For over a decade and a span of six albums, Canadian darlings Tegan and Sara Quin built a loyal fan base with true indie spirit, infectious music matched with brutally honest lyrics, and their respective lovably-biting personalities. This year, however, the wonder twins went in a totally different direction, putting out Heartthrob, an unapologetic pop ..

Chase Your Hump Day Blues Away with Jus Post Bellum and Debbie Neigher

The second Mumford & Sons broke out into the mainstream, a flock of folk bands took off like a post-salami sandwich burp into a hand dryer. The Lumineers. Of Monsters and Men. The list goes on, and I say this meaning absolutely no ill will toward any of those acts. They’re, of course, stellar in ..

In Port Chester, Music of Pink Floyd Shines On (Like a Crazy Diamomd)

The beam of white light that shined on (like a crazy diamond) for Pink Floyd has been out for decades. Of course, I mean that in terms of the iconic psych-prog rock band being a cohesive, performing and touring unit. Barrett and Wright have long left this earth. Waters has been doing his own thing ..

A-Sides Interview: Megan and Liz Spread Some Holiday Cheer

You’d have to be a cotton-headed ninny muggins not to realize re the holiday season is all up in our respective grills right about now. Holiday specials are airing just about every day. Tree and menorah lightings have and are taking place. Christmas songs are being played and subsequently played out, and yep, Heath Bell ..

X Ambassadors Rank, and Ha Ha Tonka’s Valuable Lessons

R.I.P. Andrew Youssef. R.I.P. Paul Walker. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and after I’m done saying it again, I’ll probably say it again later: rock n’ roll is far from dead. Sure, it’s easier to find a hamburger at a vegan bun convention than to hear a rock song on terrestrial ..

“Seven Nights and Seven Days” withThe Fratellis; Little Bombs Go Off

Up until 2006, the Fratelli surname was arguably best known for the bonehead brothers who got Chunk to reveal he stole his uncle Max’s toupee and tossed fake puke over a movie theater balcony in The Goonies. Since then, however, The Fratellis have become more than just an undynamic duo in a cult film classic. ..

Aoki’s Fascination with Poker

Balancing work and play: Steve Aoki find time for poker in his busy schedule American electro-house musician Steve Aoki seems to be keeping busy these days. Currently on tour Aokifying America, the Grammy-nominated artist still finds the time to collaborate with various other artists and even attend poker tournaments. That’s right, Aoki is just another ..