Flying High with Birdy

She’s soaring. She’s flying high. She’s about to take flight. Any fowl puns and cliched sentences are justified when referring to singer/songwriter Birdy. The 18-year-old wunderkind is a rising star here in the states, but across the globe, she’s a superstar – scoring platinum and gold hits from her native England to Australia. It’s only ..

“The Other Side” of Madi Diaz; “Wishing” with Charlie Scopoletti

Last year, Madi Diaz packed up all of her stuff, left Nashville , and drove to Los Angeles. The singer/songwriter arrived five days later but seemed to become a new person along the way to “la la land.” With The Beatles’ Abbey Road serving as the soundtrack to her trip, she stopped off at the ..

“No Cure” for Cerebral Ballzy; Take a “Walk” with Arc & Stones

Ric Flair used to say he’s “often imitated never duplicated.” That bold statement, which perhaps only “The Nature Boy” could back up, rings so true in any arts medium. For example, for every Lost, there was a bunch of Fast Forwards. Similarly, for every Paranormal Activity, there’s been a boatload of other crappy horror movies ..

It’s “Free to Love” Singer/Songwriter LP

Listen to mainstream radio, and you’ll find it difficult to tell one artist from the other. New hooks are old hooks. Recycled is the new original. Sure, that’s not always the case and I can list dozens upon dozens of examples of how those opening sentences are off base, but why spoil a good opening ..

Exclusive Tony Red Carpet Coverage with Gloria Estefan, Zach Braff, Questlove, and More!

The 68th Annual Tony Awards provided many memorable moments from Hugh Jackman hopping his way through an opening number to Lena Hall uttering a joyous “friendship is magic” line with her first Tony in hand to Audra MacDonald’s emotional speech for her record-breaking sixth award. Those examples barely scratch the surface of highlights, but this ..

Wrabel & Oh Honey Play the Soundtrack to Summer 2014

“Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. “Umbrella” from Rihanna. “Whoomp (There It Is)” by a group I refuse to Google. These are just a few songs that were dubbed “song of the summer” the years in which they were released. Songs of the season can be just as hot as the weather, ..

Tony Awards Spotlight on Rocky’s Andy Karl

It could’ve gone terribly wrong — like really badly. It could’ve buried his career or made him the laughing stock of the Broadway community. Choosing to star as an iconic character in a stage adaptation of a beloved cinematic classic doesn’t always pan out and I’m saying that very nicely. Thankfully for Andy Karl, his ..

Tony Awards Spotlight on Beautiful’s Jarrod Spector

Jarrod Spectora is making quite a name for himself on Broadway by playing music icons. First, he played a record 1,500 performances as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, and this year, he’s nominated for a Best Featured Actor in a Musical Tony for his role as songwriting legend Barry Mann in the Carole King musical ..

Timeflies Will Make You “Swoon”

Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer. Ace and Gary. Tomax. Xamot perhaps? Throughout pop culture history, there have been some dynamic duos and some, well, rather lackluster ones. Nothing against the G.I.Joe twins, but let’s focus on the former. Timeflies are a New York-by-way-of-Boston tandem who are breaking out like zits that once found shelter on ..