Timeflies Will Make You “Swoon”

Kevin Arnold and Paul Pfeiffer. Ace and Gary. Tomax. Xamot perhaps? Throughout pop culture history, there have been some dynamic duos and some, well, rather lackluster ones. Nothing against the G.I.Joe twins, but let’s focus on the former. Timeflies are a New York-by-way-of-Boston tandem who are breaking out like zits that once found shelter on ..

Tony Award Spotlight on Hedwig’s Lena Hall

My parents took me and my sister to countless shows as a kid and young adult. They still do. While I don’t remember my first time (Barnum with Jim Dale), I do remember just about every show from Sandy Duncan and a pre-Mr. Belvedere Christopher Hewitt in Peter Pan to Jonathan Pryce and Lea Salonga ..

Alice Boman “Leads;” Rachel Ann Weiss is “Loved”

“It just comes out this way.” That’s what emerging singer/songwriter Alice Boman said when asked in a recent A-Sides interview if her voice has always sounded so unique. It was probably a nice way of saying “oh no – not this question again.” Even so, it’s hard to not compliment this or any really for ..

Spotlight on Bullets Over Broadway’sNick Cordero

We have no idea where Casey Kasem is, Michael Ginsberg cut off his nipple, and Solange Knowles beat up her brother-in-law in an elevator (presumably about the first two things I mentioned). We live in such a crazy world. That’s why it’s so nice to have television, film, and theatre to help us escape the ..

Meet Pop Star Newbie Jordan JAE; Go on a “Quest” for The Badcards +1

Here are just a few things I accomplished by my 14th birthday: watched the entire Short Circuit 2 from start to finish, stopped playing with my G.I. Joes action figures (and making them wrestle each other as if they were WWF Superstars), and collected the entire Desert Storm baseball card set. There are plenty more ..

Empires Strike Back; Fireworks Go Off

With all the Stars Wars news last week (the casting announcement of Episode VII and the impending “May the Fourth Be With You” nonsense about to occur) , it was inevitable that a Jedi fanboy like me was going to ask the alt-rock band Empires about the saga in some way shape or form when ..

Catching “Waves” with Sleeper Agent; Going “Home” Again with Deluka

In life, there are so many things I don’t know for sure. That said, I do know a few solid truths. For example, I know that the recent overuse of the phrase “conscious uncoupling” has reached its end. It’s this year’s “epic,” and it’s over. Next, I know Arcade Fire really needs to stick to ..

“Climbing Walls” with Strange Talk; Ch-Ch-Check Out the Guy Behind “MCA Day”

Grown ups what do they know Living by the stories on the radio Bad news on the TV headlines are made of reality – Strange Talk, “Young Hearts” Listening to Strange Talk’s breakout single “Young Hearts,” I’m immediately transported back to my youth, and rocking out in my car during my formative late teenage years. ..