The Sinus Sessions: Night Terrors of 1927 and Caught a Ghost

This winter was brutal for just about everyone on the East Coast. It seemed to snow every other day, and the bitter cold made you want to retire to Florida with the old folks and their Mahjong games. During the brutal season, I personally was struck with not one or two but four sinus infections. ..

nA-Sides on the Red Carpet: O’Neill Theater Center Honors Streep in New York

Meryl Streep is used to awards by now. She is, after all, the reigning queen of cinema and has held that fictitious but totally accurate title for decades now. On Monday evening, however, her deep roots in theatre were front and center. In an audience filled with longtime friends, peers and classmates from her days ..

Scott Stapp Takes Solo Career to a “Higher” Level

It looks like Scott Stapp has set himself free from his “own prison,” and is embracing life to the fullest with his second solo album fittingly entitled Proof of Life. It’s been no secret that the Creed frontman has had his shair of struggles over the years, and we can stop it at that. If ..

Farewell and Goodnight, Roseland Ballroom

“Standing in line to See the show tonight And there’s a light on Heavy glow” – RHCP Waiting on a line that wrapped around two or sometimes three blocks – often times – getting soaked by a cold and misty rain. Approaching the marquee, and having chills give way to adrenaline pumping. Getting patted down ..

Revelations with Los Lonely Boys; Igniting Fire & the Romance

In 2004, Los Lonely Boys broke through the mainstream faster than a vintage Rickey Henderson on roller skates in an ice storm with their inspiring song “Heaven.” It’s hard to believe the “Texican” rock trio dropped that super hit a decade ago. What’s even harder to believe is that this band of brothers (Henry Garza, ..

Savannah Stopover Sessions Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo?

Here’s part two of A-Sides’ exclusive performances taken at the Savannah Stopover Festival last month. Again, watch some great bands performing great tracks in the great, rich-in-history, sometimes-creepy city of Savannah. Just the music. A-Sides Live filmed by Jon Paul Graham. Before we get to a second round of vids, check out JPG’s photo slideshow ..

Haunting Beauty – Stopover Sessions Part One

Each year SXSW gets all the press, and rightfully so, but a fest just before it keeps gaining more and more momentum year after year. Yep, the Savannah Stopover Music Festival is coming on like Vickie from Small Wonder on extra-strength batteries, and methinks it’ll be more than just a “stopover” before long. This year’s ..