Get to Know The Vamps (Before Everyone and Their Mother Does)

Earlier this month, I attended my 20th year high school reunion and it was a nostalgic blast. It was great to reconnect with so many people, retrace steps on memory lane together, and to catch up on two decades CliffsNotes style. Personally, I was elated to find out that several former classmates had actually purchased ..


We love seeing @asidesmusic rocking so many great Threadless tees! — Threadless (@threadless) July 1, 2014

Ryan Shaw Shows Some “Real Love”; Animal Years Lift Some Spirits

You know it’s summer in New York City when rooftop concerts start taking place. That said, I am a bit curious if such gigs take place in the freezing cold months. If they do, it’s pretty messed up to have people get frost bite just to hear their favorite tunes. As I Google that or ..

All Hail Cris Cab

We might as well start calling Pharrell Williams King Midas. He probably won’t answer anybody who takes that sentence literally, but I’m simply trying to say everything the musician/producer/ageless-vampire touches lately turns into pure gold. The past year has been insane for the artist, who scored a huge hit and Oscar nod for Despicable Me ..

The “Weightlessness” of Matt Andersen; Wise Girl Sings Us to “Sleep”

How ironic is it that singer/songwriter Matt Andersen’s new studio album is entitled Weightless. His vocals and lyrics are the antithesis of that. Maybe that’s what he was going for. Either way, the bluesy and soulful singer is a talent you simply cannot ignore. It’s no wonder Maverick Magazine has praised him, and he’s drawn ..

Flying High with Birdy

She’s soaring. She’s flying high. She’s about to take flight. Any fowl puns and cliched sentences are justified when referring to singer/songwriter Birdy. The 18-year-old wunderkind is a rising star here in the states, but across the globe, she’s a superstar – scoring platinum and gold hits from her native England to Australia. It’s only ..

“The Other Side” of Madi Diaz; “Wishing” with Charlie Scopoletti

Last year, Madi Diaz packed up all of her stuff, left Nashville , and drove to Los Angeles. The singer/songwriter arrived five days later but seemed to become a new person along the way to “la la land.” With The Beatles’ Abbey Road serving as the soundtrack to her trip, she stopped off at the ..

“No Cure” for Cerebral Ballzy; Take a “Walk” with Arc & Stones

Ric Flair used to say he’s “often imitated never duplicated.” That bold statement, which perhaps only “The Nature Boy” could back up, rings so true in any arts medium. For example, for every Lost, there was a bunch of Fast Forwards. Similarly, for every Paranormal Activity, there’s been a boatload of other crappy horror movies ..

It’s “Free to Love” Singer/Songwriter LP

Listen to mainstream radio, and you’ll find it difficult to tell one artist from the other. New hooks are old hooks. Recycled is the new original. Sure, that’s not always the case and I can list dozens upon dozens of examples of how those opening sentences are off base, but why spoil a good opening ..

Exclusive Tony Red Carpet Coverage with Gloria Estefan, Zach Braff, Questlove, and More!

The 68th Annual Tony Awards provided many memorable moments from Hugh Jackman hopping his way through an opening number to Lena Hall uttering a joyous “friendship is magic” line with her first Tony in hand to Audra MacDonald’s emotional speech for her record-breaking sixth award. Those examples barely scratch the surface of highlights, but this ..