WhiplashOscar Favorite J.K. Simmons is So Very Far From Fletcher

Growing up a fat kid in Yonkers, NY (that’d be the title of my autobiography by the way), my number one way to escape the middle school jerks and the growing waistline was going to the movies. I would see two each weekend (it didn’t matter which ones – usually one good, one painfully awful), ..

Hey Look! It’s Another Guy Predicting the Oscars!

It’s so transparent that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has a race/diversity issue that I’m not going to even go there. It’s been well documented and spot-on that voters for the 87th Annual Academy Awards dropped the ball. No David Oyelowo. No Ava DuVernay. No Chadwick Boseman. That list goes on. Having ..

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Today… Greg “The Hammer” Valentine’s Day That Is

The following is taken from the soon-to-be published (hopefully anyway) humor book Ho Ho Hoax! written by Jon Chattman and Rich Tarantino. It all started in mid-1800s Great Britain and it hasn’t let up since: the flowers, the bottomless chocolates, and the diamonds (or cubic zirconia depending on your budget.) It’s a “holiday” for cheesy ..

the Right Thing

Toddlers and runny noses. Beck and artistry. Taylor Swift and awkward award-show courtside dancing. Yep, some things just effortlessly go together. Take the Franco-Finnish duo The Dø who are about to have their “damn right” moment and I’m saying that in my best Isaac Hayes impression (probably someone’s worst). The tandem of Dan Levy and ..

Valentine’s Day Themed “5 For Fighting”; Meet the “Evergreen” Hannah Gill

By a show of hands who hasn’t gotten pregnant listening to a Five for Fighting song? [Pauses] That’s what I thought. Anyway, since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time for that old A-Sides column-within-a–column — 5 for Fighting… with Five for Fighting: Valentine’s Day Edition. Read on, and thanks again John Ondransik ..

Grizfolk Find Their “Spark”

Sometimes you just know when a band is about to break out like Wentworth Miller in Prison Break… but that show was terrible. More to the point, one can get that sense with Grizfolk, an alt-rock quintet who gained boatloads of fans (I’m talking a lot of boats) when they opened up for UK juggernaut ..

In-flight Safety Guaranteed; A Dash of Eric Dash

It’s bound to happen. Anytime I have an article that deals with Canada, I’m going to mention the importance of the great Rick Moranis. The star of so many 1980s classics gave up acting years ago, but it’s always a good opportunity to praise his work any time I speak of our lovely neighbors to ..

Going, Going, and Gone Girl – Celebrating the Ones the Oscars Forgot

To quote an Oscar-nominated original song “Everything is Awesome” today. The Oscar nominations were announced and so many well-deserved performances and films were honored by that gold guy who bares a striking resemblance to a thinner and taller Ed Asner. That said, as is the case each year, many, many people and movies were left ..

Predicting the Gold Guy Morning

‘Tis the season for everyone, their mother, brother, cousin, dog, and everyone else to place their bets on this year’s Oscar nods. Here’s this guy’s take (points to self.) Overall, 2014 was a great yet uneven year for cinema which will likely be remembered more for its stellar, star-making, career-comebacking, performances. Here’s my stab at ..