Diamond Youth Loves “Orange” while Longreef “Likes the Ladies”

About four years ago (I forget in my old age), I was contacted by a music publicist to come out and see a young singer/songwriter perform at a small club in New York City and interview her afterwards. I couldn’t make it that night for whatever reason, and two years later I’d kick myself… hard. ..

The Queen of Soul: J. Hud as Aretha?

After her display at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, one can only wonder what kind of party hat music legend Aretha Franklin is sporting today. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be in a league of its own – just like the Queen of Soul herself. Anyway, Franklin turns 71 today, and two days from now ..

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ZZ Ward is Clearly Catchy ‘Fire’

A praised debut album. Sold-out shows. Sexy hats. Yep, 2012 was the year of ZZ Ward and clearly she’s making 2013 her bitch as well. The sultry bluesy singer/songwriter – not the love child between classic rockers ZZ Top and character actor Fred Ward (it’s not possible anyway) – got more mileage than a cheap ..

“Nights” of Hayden, “Beats” with Tim Chaisson, and Jon Patrick Walker Video Premiere

To paraphrase Dave Grohl’s killer Grammy acceptance speech last year, it’s the “human element of making music” that’s most important. The artists featured on A-Sides today take that to heart, and have been producing music without bells and whistles (sorry pretenders of the autotune era) for quite some time. Toronto’s Hayden Desser or simply Hayden ..

“Origins” of Ionia And Releasing Your Inner Spirit Animal

In my late teens, I frequented the North Avenue bars by Iona College in New Rochelle, NY. Those watering holes usually served us Coors Light, Black Haus shots, and whatever our young hearts desired even though we were all under 21 by a few years. But those once-hot spots have long closed down, and have ..

Big Willy Style? Here’s…Willy Moon!

Three men approach a White Plains, NY studio within the Music Conservatory of Westchester where I regularly shoot my A-Sides sessions in. They standout instantly. One is dressed down in jeans and has his cellphone glued to his hand. Next to him is a much taller guy with slicked back hair, stylish gray slacks, and ..