Tres! American Authors, Hunter Valentine, and Clementine & The Galaxy

Today marks my final “A-Sides” of the year, and I have to just thank you all for reading the columns and watching the sessions. This series has been so inspiring for me, and so very rewarding. I’m just an honest guy just trying to provide a forum for artists to shine as themselves rather than ..

Biffy Clyro Raise The “Black Chandelier”

My heart breaks for Newtown… the families, the students, the town, and the state of Connecticut. It breaks for these United States of America. Do we need TSA in our elementary schools now? I hope not. I just pray for the families and hope this tragedy will be the last in a sad, sick and ..

A-Sides Music: 48 More Great Songs of 2012 (Road to 100 Complete)

Last week, A-Sides Musicreleased its Top 52 Songs of 2012. The reason I chose 52 was strictly a cheap pop. As wrestling fans know all too well – that term means it was just a quick way to get a reaction. I didn’t want to choose 50 because everybody does that, and I thought it’d ..

“Supermegafantastic” Sounds of IAMDYNAMITE and Popping In New Cassettes

At the time, they were two of the biggest rock stars the world had ever seen. So, expectations were probably off the charts when Mick Jagger and David Bowie decided to join forces and record a song together in 1985. The results, however, were surprisingly as uneventful as Pons Maar’s vocal stylings as the Dominos ..

Spotlight on “Headlights'” Morning Parade

Let’s be honest: bucket lists are meant to be created, but never fulfilled. Seriously, only Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson went to the pyramids and went skydiving after doodling their plans on a piece of paper. But, in the case of Morning Parade, it’s pretty safe to say many items on their proverbial bucket list ..

A-Sides Music: Top 52 Songs of 2012 (Call Me Maybe…Not)

“Look at the birds up in the tree.” “We’re not birds, we’re a jug band.” – Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas That immortal exchange between a bear puppet and a band of otters (one at least) from the 1979 iconic Christmas special have nothing to do with this column but needed to be said somewhere, somehow. ..