Two for Thursday – Bright Light Bright Light and Mary C

In the summer of 1984, my parents took my sister and I to see Gremlins, and it scared the bejesus out of me – whatever the word “bejesus” means. An avid moviegoer and fan of executive producer Steven Spielberg, the film selection seemed like a no-brainer for my parents and I even though I was ..

An Andy Grammer Lesson

If video killed the radio star then Tweeting and texting have killed the spelling and grammar star. Seriously, those 140 characters and word shortcuts have all but undone everything I learned in college. But I digress. Unlike my grammar, Andy Grammer is doing quite well. Did you see what I did there? Sigh. Off-putting segues ..

A-Sides Premiere: Frank + Derol’s ‘Barely Love You Too’ Lyric Video

Sometimes in life dreams aren’t going to come true. I’m clearly not in Jamaica as I write this, and the last time I checked, Kanye hasn’t invited me to party with him in Miami. But, thankfully, there’s music in the world and it makes life so much more tolerable — especially on a lame Monday ..

Where Blondfire Are

Richard Marx’s hit song “Hazard” was about a serial killer. Its music video, which I believed came in two parts (Google it), drove the lyrics home with a post-mullet Marx getting out of dodge in a small town. Why do I bring this up? First, someone has to. Second, because that song — like so ..

Doing Some ‘Magic’ With Only Son

Jack Dishel is a NYC-based singer/songwriter who records under the moniker Only Son, and is a former lead guitarist for The Moldy Peaches. But hang out with the native New Yorker (by way of the Russia as a wee lad) for like five seconds, and you’ll see why his side gig is as a stand-up ..

Exclusive Performance: The Jezabels

The Jezabels are only a band who put out one of the best albums in 2012 so far. Below is their exclusive “A-Sides” performance of “Sahara Mahala” off their last EP. Get their new album “Prisoners” now, and thank me later. Oh, and be on the look out for the full Jezabels session soon on ..