Letting Civil Twilight’s “River” Run

Civil Twilight get compared to other bands quite often – notably Coldplay. It’s probably because they have four members like that Internationally-celebrated UK group, and because its front man is known to dabble in falsetto and 88 keys. The comparisons, however, should stop there but they probably won’t. As a matter of fact, during an ..

“Into the Wild” With Breakout Star LP

Some artists you just know are going to completely break out. It can be their style, their impeccable vocal range, or what everyone and their mother refer to as the “it factor.” All of these generalities I’m spewing at you apply to rising singer/songwriter LP. She isn’t just a singer/songwriter — she’s a true artist ..

Taking The Dirty Heads To School

Summer 2012 officially has its soundtrack. SoCal alt-rockers The Dirty Heads will release their sophomore album Cabin By The Sea this Tuesday (June 19) and like the band’s predecessor first effortAny Port in a Storm), you can expect chill, laid back rock-meets-reggae tracks to listen to while you roast in the sun with a Bud ..

Three Is a Magic Number (Jackson Harris, Zander Bleck, and Kelly Hogan)

“The Next Big Thing” is a term that gets passed around more than a Kardashian at a clambake (I don’t care if that makes sense), but in the case of our next “A-Sider,” it’s pretty damn true. Seventeen magazine compared Jackson Harris to Zac Efron, and he’s already been mentioned in Teen Vogue, Popstar and ..

Imaginary Cities and a Very Real Anna Rose

Anne Murray was pretty bad ass in the day. I used to envision the Canadian star, who took the world by storm in the early 1970s, as a professional wrestler who would whip opponents under the moniker “Canuck Motherf–k.” She was that good. OK, none of those statements are true except for the fact Murray ..