Jake Miller, Logan Venderlic and Early Morning Rebel

I remember when I was in college, I was the first of my friends to buy the cassette tape (damn, I’m oldish) of Liz Phair and a bunch of other talented artists. When the 1990s edgy singer/songwriter broke, it felt so good to brag to friends how I discovered her even though, clearly, I didn’t. ..

“The One” Eric Benét

I had it planned out in my head. The first question I’d ask Eric Benét would be to discuss “Hallie….” then I’d pause briefly before he could get a word in, and say “Steinfeld – the teen star of True Grit.” Depending on his answer and assuming he had a strong sense of humor, my ..

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: ‘Drugs’ With Adam Tyler

The music video for Adam Tyler’s single “Like a Drug” features him wearing makeup, dancing around with scantily-clad men and women, and locked up in some kind of sex prison. The video feels like a sexier, dirtier and in living color of Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” music video, only it doesn’t. In any event, I ..

Watch Eric Hutchinson “Watch Him”

He’s been a VH1 “You Oughta Know” artist, has played just about every late night show on the planet, and has had a bunch of hit songs since the release of his 2007 debut Sounds Like This. The one thing singer/songwriter Eric Hutchinson hasn’t done, however, is perform a song in the basement of a ..

“Fear” and “Fire” With Alcoholic Faith Mission and Gemma Ray

Who doesn’t like to start their morning off with a Danish quintet? I’m referring to a band that plays exceptionally well versus a plate full of pastries by the way — although both options are quite nice. In any event, the Coppenhagen-based Alcoholic Faith Mission stopped by the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, ..