Board the Gary Clark, Jr. Train

Photo by Rich Tarantino Sometimes hype is just that… hype. Too many times, artists packaged as the “next big thing” fail to live up to the premature “it” factor when their albums drop. I could name dozens upon dozens, but would rather focus on an artist who not only lives up to the acclaim he’s ..

Under the Covers With Chris Carrabba & Up Close and Personal With Mike Doughty

One Man Gang was a popular bad guy in the wrestling world in the 1980s. Fortunately (or unfortunately if you’re a fan of men in tights from the Teddy Ruxpin era) he has nothing to do with today’s “A-Sides.” The grappler’s moniker, however, resonates in that both artists featured here are one-man shows. Chris Carrabba ..

The Kooks’ Show Us Their “Junk”

My wife isn’t exactly a fan of a lot of new music. She gets a little sick of hearing me talk up the latest, greatest artist I’m listening to, and tends to play the same songs in her car over and over again. Yet, something broke through to her usual playlist of Bob Marley, Coldplay ..