The Gift in a NYC Bathroom and Graffiti6 Gets Solo and Stripped Down

You can accomplish a lot in a bathroom. Aside from doing your business, you can read an article, perhaps text your friends, or do as I do: play Angry Birds on your iPad. OK, that’s T.M.I. and gross, but it brings us to our next “A-Sides” session. Nuno Goncalves of the Portugal psych pop band ..

Eve to Adam, Anna Rose, Grace Weber

Ever since Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora played “Wanted Dead or Alive” with nothing but their guitars (and mullets), fans and the music industry alike have had a fascination with stripped-down performances. The duo’s intimate performance on MTV in the early 1990s paved the way for that channel’s popular Unplugged series, VH1’s Storytellers, and ..

Rachael Yamagata, Madi Diaz

The best singer/songwriters make you feel their music no matter what the tone of the song is and the lyrics are. In other words, you feel the words pouring out of them whether you can relate or not. This week’s “A-Sides” performers are guilty of that for sure. With her distinct raspy-ish voice and sometimes ..

The Bandana Splits and Mira Black

Listening to the Brooklyn trio The Bandana Splits and the Canadian singer/songwriter Mira Black one can’t help but feel as if they’ve been trusted into a time warp – “Lost” style. The Splits have revived the doo-wop feel with their debut “Mister Sam Presents The Bandana Splits,” while Mira Black has draw comparisons to Barbara ..

Mutemath Perform and Discuss “Blood Pressure”

Two hours before they’d take the stage for a performance that sold-out in five minutes and two days before Hurricane Irene would sort of embarrass a somewhat frantic Mayor Mike Bloomberg, New Orleans rockers Mutemath and I took refuge in the lower depths of the historic rock venue Mercury Lounge in New York City. There, ..

Zee Avi and Hindi Zahra Perform and Chat in NYC

There’s a certain throwback feel going on with this week’s “A-Sides.” Zee Avi is a celebrated singer/songwriter from Malaysia who packs an emotional wallop with her retro cool indie-rock folkiness (making that a word, by the way). Meanwhile, Moroccan-born songstress Hindi Zahra is a buzzworthy artist who has been called a modern day Billie Holiday ..

Never Shout Never, J. Aims, and An Horse

Music can heal. It can inspire you, turn you on, and/or serve up instant nostalgia like nothing else can. I know constantly listening to Radiohead got me through some deep family issues last year. Listening to Weezer’s “blue” album, on the flipside, evokes my late great friend Stephen Spruck’s memory, because he turned me onto ..

The Horrible Crowes Find “Cherry Blossoms” in NYC

Take Bruce Springsteen, lose the nut-hugging jeans, and gain some punk rock edge, and you’ve essentially got Gaslight Anthem. That’s what many critics and fans have said about the Jersey band since they debuted with Sink or Swimin 2007. Front man Brian Fallon has acknowledged the complimentary comparisons, and even embraced them. Well, it’ll be ..

The Kickdrums and The Last Royals’ Push Play

The Captain & Tennille. Ashford & Simpson. Air Supply. And, no Andrew Ridgely, I didn’t forget to mention Wham. Throughout music history, there have been many duos who have broken out larger than your next door neighbor’s prepubescent kid. The Kickdrums and The Last Royals may very well be the next pairs to pop. Both ..

A-Sides with Michelle Branch

98 Degrees. Limp Bizkit. O-Town. So many artists from the Total Request Live (TRL) era have gone the way of the dodo or, fittingly, videos on MTV. Not Michelle Branch. Commercial success has followed the singer/songwriter since she unleashed her debut single “Everywhere” in 2001, which was played everywhere by the way (the album it ..