In-flight Safety Guaranteed; A Dash of Eric Dash

It’s bound to happen. Anytime I have an article that deals with Canada, I’m going to mention the importance of the great Rick Moranis. The star of so many 1980s classics gave up acting years ago, but it’s always a good opportunity to praise his work any time I speak of our lovely neighbors to ..

Tony Awards Spotlight on Beautiful’s Jarrod Spector

Jarrod Spectora is making quite a name for himself on Broadway by playing music icons. First, he played a record 1,500 performances as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, and this year, he’s nominated for a Best Featured Actor in a Musical Tony for his role as songwriting legend Barry Mann in the Carole King musical ..

Scott Stapp Takes Solo Career to a “Higher” Level

It looks like Scott Stapp has set himself free from his “own prison,” and is embracing life to the fullest with his second solo album fittingly entitled Proof of Life. It’s been no secret that the Creed frontman has had his shair of struggles over the years, and we can stop it at that. If ..

Charli XCX Gets “Real” on Lorde, Life, Biebs, and Being “in Charge”

A few weeks ago, Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter and overexposure for Lorde. OK, that latter statement isn’t true but it certainly feels like it. All the praise – the Rolling Stone cover, the Grammy – is warranted for the talented teenage Kiwi, but it’s time we stop drinking the Kool-Aid for ..

Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller on the “Sincere and Absurd”; “Dog” Days with The Sharp Things

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> A year-and-a-half ago, <a href=”” target=”_hplink”>Sleigh Bells</a>’ Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss and I chatted from inside their dressing room at <a href=”” target=”_hplink”>The Capitol Theatre </a>in Port Chester and discussed everything from touring to their then-new record <em>Reign of Terror</em>. A common theme that arose during the interview ..

A-Sides Interview: Megan and Liz Spread Some Holiday Cheer

You’d have to be a cotton-headed ninny muggins not to realize re the holiday season is all up in our respective grills right about now. Holiday specials are airing just about every day. Tree and menorah lightings have and are taking place. Christmas songs are being played and subsequently played out, and yep, Heath Bell ..

Pepper Return with New Flavor; Toy Soldiers March On

Whether it’s to drive their name home even further or simply the effects of coming up empty after agonizing over a catchy or meaningful title, many recording artists name first release after themselves. In the case of Pepper, however, they’ve decided to self-title their sixth studio album. The logic is simple. The Hawaiian reggae, rock ..

A-Sides Interview: Moby Discusses New Album, Music Videos, and Lorde’s “Royals”

There’s a lot we already know about Moby. He’s an innovator whose albums have sold over 20 million worldwide. He’s had songs featured in all pop mediums. He’s a vegan, a strong advocate for animal rights, and Eminem, a probably meat-eater, once challenged him to a fight. This summer, however, I uncorked something about Moby ..