You Should Know… Karen Pittman

Karen Pittman has stolen so many scenes, she should’ve been locked up years ago. I mean that figuratively, and man that opening line, which is still going on by the way, was pretty lame. Yet, it’s true. The Broadway veteran and television actress has been a force for years – from her recent turn as ..

A-Sides Gets Raw: Talking the Ring and the Road with WWE Divas Champion Paige

Bra and panties matches are all well and good, but arguably many diehard wrestling fanatics might dismiss gimmick matches like that as simply “eye candy” with a chance of a lucky wardrobe malfunction. But, there’s more to the Womens Wrestling Division than a thong, hair toss, and ass slap. While some hardcore fans may not ..

Hang with “Cool Kids” Echosmith and Donate to the New Beat Fund

Alt-rock acts Echosmith and New Beat Club have a bunch of things in common with each other: They’re both from the West Coast, each toured the country on the Vans Warped Tour, and both bands have a legitimate beef with each other. Perhaps “legitimate” is a stretch. Let’s use this word instead: “non-existing.” Yep, A-Sides ..

Don’t Look Now… Westchester County is Cool

Drafthouse CEO and Founder Tim League at the Aug. 5 opening. He’s possibly the coolest human ever.. Comedian Nore Davis has a funny bit in which he compliments a small crowd for coming out to a show on a Friday night when they could just as well have stayed home and watched a lame Red ..

Editors’ Tom Smith interview

Tom Smith, lead singer for British indie rockers Editors, is well aware of the comparisons many have made between his band and the New York City band Interpol ever since they burst onto the scene. Thankfully, he said confidently in an interview late last month, each passing album his band puts out make those similarities ..

Virginia Beach coverage: Catch31

Photo/Alison Helena “Catch” of the day By Alison Helena Catch31, a relatively new restaurant to the Virginia Beach, is an enjoyable dining experience that features an extensive meny of seafood, an impressive raw bar, and outdoor seating areas with firepits overlooking the Boardwalk and Neptune’s Park. The wait was too long to sit outside so ..

Virginia Beach coverage: Jungle Golf

Poor fore It’s a jungle out there. That’s what people tell me anyway. At Jungle Golf, Virginia Beach’s family friendly mini-golf, it’s exactly that. Plastic tall animals are all over the place (my picture above doesn’t do it justice), and it’s really a kick for the kids. The place is an 18-hole jungle-themed course that ..

Thomas Lennon: interview

The Man Behind the Dangle By Jon Chattman Milk comes with an expiration date. If you drink it after it’s “sell by” date, often times, it leaves you with a funny taste in your mouth. If you drink it long after it’s “sell by” date, chances are it’ll be clumpy and smell a little funny. ..